Installment Loan Online Without Credentials. Is it Possible?

Moments with no formalities are already standard. Increasingly, the rules applied in short-term loans are also expected in companies with an installment offer. However, borrowing installments over the internet without credentials may be more complicated.

In the case of short-term loans, the matter is simple: we borrow several hundred zlotys for one, up two months. Such an obligation is usually matched to our monthly financial capabilities, so we easily repay them on time and forget about the case.

Due to the aforementioned nature of payday loans, the basic information about our finances will be sufficient for the lender. Usually, this knowledge boils down to our declaration of monthly income and expenses incurred during this time. What’s more, industry magazines report that short-term loans are mostly used by people who need a quick injection of cash, for example to buy something occasionally.

Such customers therefore reach for quick loans, because they must have money “on already”, and when their remuneration is paid into their account, they quickly settle the debt incurred. Knowing the profile of your client, lenders are therefore more relaxed and do not require him to provide any certification from the employer. However, the situation changes when a customer wants to borrow more and for longer.

Installment loan via the Internet without credentials – why not so simple?

Installment loan via the Internet without credentials - why not so simple?

Installment loans are usually drawn up for amounts of several or several thousand zlotys. In this case, we usually borrow much more than our monthly income. By default, the repayment of such obligations must be extended in time.

In non-bank companies, the loan can be repaid for up to 48 months. However, in order to guarantee such a possibility, the lender must be sure that all the time we will have financial means to enable timely repayment. This type of collateral is mainly fixed income derived from remuneration for work.

Therefore, the lender will ask not only for the details of our employer, but will also ask for a certificate confirming the amount of payment we receive. Having information about the place of our employment, the lender can now directly ask our employer about other details, such as the type of our contract or employment period. Thanks to this, it will be easier to assess our creditworthiness and decide whether the loan does not exceed our financial capabilities.

Of course, the collection of data from the employer takes place only with our consent. If we want to apply for a loan, we do not really have a choice – we have to agree to this action.

Where can I look for installment loans online without credentials?

Where can I look for installment loans online without credentials?

When applying for a loan on installments via the Internet, we will usually meet with the need to provide income certificates. Fortunately, there are several brands on the market that do not require such a document. And these are, among others:

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